Author: Ayona Anderson

That's Life

Summer Memories

Do you have a favorite summer vacation spot? Usually, a place becomes your favorite for many reasons. Those reasons can be because you experienced something you’ve never experienced, or maybe you have an amazing memory there, or perhaps you feel something new and exhilarating when you set foot in the place. Well Orange County, California is this place for me. I arrive there and immediately melt into the sunshine, ocean views, and breathtaking mountains and hills.

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Get To Know Us!

Welcome to EJP Marketing Co.

EJP Marketing Co. is a leading integrated marketing firm specializing in digital media marketing, social media marketing and public relations campaigns and tailored consulting services in these areas. As a millennial-led marketing firm – Wait! Don’t let the ‘millennial’ word scare you off… it has MANY advantages! – EJP Marketing Co. is dedicated to helping businesses and brands reimagine brand achievements and increase market presence through integrated marketing.

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Integrated Marketing

What is Integrated Marketing? 

‘Integrated marketing’ creates unified and seamless brand experiences for stakeholders and consumers across a myriad of platforms and channels (source: DMA). A brand experience may include social media engagement, website interaction, public relations partnerships, email communications, earned media impressions and effective brand storytelling, tailored to the specific needs of each brand.

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