Improve Marketing & Communications Strategies With the Total Eclipse Effect

total eclipse effect and how it helps business improve their marketing & communications strategy


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A unified digital marketing, public relations, and multicultural communications strategy can activate a business' 'total eclipse effect'

  • When the three strategies align, brands INCREASE their connectedness with more cultural communities, improve community satisfaction, create more authentic brand+consumer touchpoints, and build overall brand reputation, and loyal shoppers. Yes, there is potential to achieve these business growth wins, and more. Keep reading!
  • A total solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth are perfectly aligned, an alignment along the path of totality. During Stage 3, known as the totality, the moon completely covers the sun. During the brief darkness, some stars and planets become more visible from America.
  • Visit Dallas- 2024 Solar Eclipse tells us, “the city of Dallas finds itself in the path of totality for the April 8, 2024 total eclipse. Prepare to be mesmerized as the moon aligns with the sun, offering an awe-inspiring spectacle that promises to leave a lasting impression.”

What can the total eclipse teach us about business growth?

A total eclipse is an interesting metaphor for how an integrated digital marketing, public relations, and multicultural communications plan can give brands the power to ‘leave a lasting impression’ on consumers. The ‘total eclipse effect’ increases the likelihood of success across these critical business areas, as well as shines a light on other areas of the business.

10 opportunities for your business

  1. Digital marketing and multicultural communications are crucial for brands to effectively reach and engage diverse audiences. Public relations plays a vital role in building trust and authenticity in these efforts.
  2. Reach untapped market segments and wider audiences by tailoring messaging to different cultures, ethnicities, and languages.
  3. Representation matters. Voice and image representation of Black, Hispanic, Asian-Pacific, Native-Indigenous, People with Disabilities, LGBTQ+, and White roles in advertising is critical. 64% of consumers said they took some sort of action after seeing an ad that they considered to be diverse or inclusive.
  4. By leveraging PR strategies for cultural sensitivity, authentic storytelling, and effective communication, brands are better positioned to build trust and establish long-term brand loyalty with multicultural audiences.
  5. Ensure your digital PR campaigns include multicultural media and influencers. The ability to effectively reach and engage diverse audiences from different cultural backgrounds, areas, or regions starts with building allies. Allies can be community partners (PR) or sites and lists linking back to your website.
  6. Overall, successful multicultural digital PR leverages digital platforms to build trust, representation, and meaningful connections with diverse audiences.
  7. Today’s online shoppers and brick-and-mortar customers value socially responsible CSR, inclusivity, and diversity in brands. Together, these are pillars of a strong brand reputation.
  8. Diverse marketing and communications teams bring fresh perspectives, leading to more innovative ideas and strategies that incorporate real stories, accurate diversity data, and authentic representations.
  9. According to the 2021 Multicultural Economy Report, nearly 17.5 % of buying power in the U.S. belongs to African American, Asian American, or Native-American households. Hispanic households increased from 5% of the total consumer market in 1990 to 11.3% in 2021. By integrating digital marketing, public relations, and diversity communication strategies, businesses can build meaningful connections with diverse audiences, connections that could last a lifetime if nurtured properly.
  10. An integrated digital marketing strategy can significantly boost the return on investment (ROI) for small businesses by repurposing your resources and content and activating multiple channels synergistically. Your traditional media outreach gathers learnings from your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword strategy, which includes diverse ad copy aligned with authentic community, perspectives. And, oh my are there vast opportunities to authentically connect with diverse groups on social media marketing!! We hope this inspires you to reach for the ‘total solar eclipse’ through your marketing and communications strategies.

We hope this inspires you to reach for the ‘total eclipse’ through your marketing and communications strategies! But don’t just take our word for it, these top brands are giving us integrated campaigns to aspire to.

What are some examples of brands successfully executing integrated marketing and communications strategies?

  • New Nike Ads With Megan Thee Stallion and Sha’Carri Richardson Show Fitness Isn’t a Binary” from Teen Vogue.
  • Target’s “Bring Home Support” campaign highlighted minority-owned businesses and products in their stores, promoting diversity and inclusivity.
  • Fenty Beauty by Rihanna This sparked the “Fenty Effect” movement, calling for more diversity in advertising after redefining inclusive makeup lines with the release of 40 foundation shades for all skin tones!
  • Bumble’s “Find Me on Bumble” campaign featured a diverse array of people using the dating app, celebrating different ethnicities, body types, and identities. This authentic representation helped build human connections across cultures.

Want to discuss the benefits of moving towards the ‘total eclipse effect’? Or if you’re reading this and thinking, “What if my business does not have these strategies in place?” Our team works with businesses to develop integrated marketing and communications strategies and individual focus areas. You can also email us at

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