Welcome to EJP Marketing Co.

EJP Marketing Co. is a leading integrated digital marketing and public relations firm specializing in digital media marketing, social media strategy and public relations packages and consulting services. As a millennial-led marketing firm – yes, ‘millennial’ but don’t let that scare you off… it has MANY advantages! One advantage is our abundance of scrupulous digital experience, and intuitiveness, balanced with our belief in the power of good ol’ face-to-face relationship-building. We like to say that “EJP is like the digital world meets the classic handshake.”

Our mission is to help your business grow through custom strategies rooted in a digital-first approach.

Our Approach

At EJP Marketing Co., we work with you, your team, and your current business digital marketing and communications strategy to take things up a notch! And if you don’t yet have a strategy, that’s not a problem. We are experts at creating successful marketing campaigns from the ground level.

We start by taking the time to understand your ‘big-picture’ goals. Then, we design, create, and assemble every piece of the puzzle needed to help you realize that ‘big-picture’ goal, which, for most entities, is engaging stakeholders and consumers in conversations and strengthening brand advocacy and loyalty. 

EJP’s integrated approach leverages various proven tactics across branding, digital media, social media, public relations, and media relations. 

An integrated, global society requires integrated marketing & PR strategies 

It’s no secret that digital technology has greatly expanded businesses’ reach and is critical to success. However, EJP Marketing Co. also recognizes and stands by the traditional power of meeting with audiences, having face-to-face dialogue, forming credible and authentic influencer partnerships, and gaining earned media impressions in markets of all sizes!

At EJP Marketing Co., we are reimagining and leveraging the possibilities of integrated marketing. And it’s time to reimagine what your brand can achieve through integrated marketing and public relations. It’s time to reimagine what your brand can achieve with EJP Marketing Co. Contact us to start the conversation today.

Learn more about EJP Marketing Co.’s expertise, process, and pricing packages and consulting services here.

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