Millennials are changing the tone of how we use social media today. The internet is evolving right before our eyes, and the social media patterns of Millennials are changing simultaneously.

The majority of Millennials receive their news from Facebook and Twitter. I even have applications on my phone that show me the top news stories every hour of the day.

It is crazy to think that if I decide to take a hiatus from social media, that I will miss out on what is going on in the world. These days, it is extremely hard to depend on “news channels” for accurate information. A very few percentage of the populations rely on newspapers for news that happened eight hours ago. We are a “we want it now” type of generation. There is a good percentage of Millennials that do not search for news; they prefer to let it find them. If the news is a trending topic, they feel obligated to figure out what happened.

Social media plays a major role in job considerations.

Today if you want to search for a job, your best resource is the internet. LinkedIn, Facebook, and job boards, are your best bet when searching for internships/jobs. They allow you to receive alerts instantly! Even better you can contact other employees & the human resource department directly (with LinkedIn). Employers can get a feel for their candidate before they even meet them face to face! Sometimes jobs even move forward to the next candidate if they don’t find any social media representation of a candidate. Social media can actually improve your credibility if you use it correctly. That is 2017 for you! 

More and more Millennials are becoming entrepreneurs and creating their own businesses through the evolutionary power of social media.

Millennials are branding, marketing, advertising, and are introducing new products/services into the market. They are using YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and even more simultaneously to connect and engage with their audience. By uploading consistently and engaging with their audience, they are connecting with their fan/customer base. The more social media followers you gain, the more customers you can potentially develop.  

Social media CAN be a powerful tool in building a successful business!

The internet today is making it so easy to create and implement a marketing plan. When I log on to YouTube, most videos I see are YouTubers offering product and services while making a profit.  It is not uncommon to visit YouTube and run into an 18-year-old millionaire, or someone who bought their first car or house due to their success on YouTube. 2017 is the year of Millennial self-made business owners!

Even though we don’t know how social media trends will be in the future, it is safe to say that for now, Millennials are utilizing social media to its fullest potential.


By: Ezon Onditi, #EJPDigital Intern with a Bachelor of Marketing from University of Texas at Arlington ’17