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Serena Jenkins grew up in Rockwall before moving across the pond to the home of the world’s favorite royal family, London. She traveled to London less so for the fish and chips, and more for the fashion and education. She brings a wealth of knowledge, the latest PR and online marketing trends, digital savvy-ness, research greatness, a positive attitude, and more to our EJP team. We are proud to introduce our first-ever Assistant Account Executive Serena Jenkins.

Welcome to the real world, Serena.
You’re the bees knees!

It’s great that you have a Bachelors and Masters degree, what do you feel like are your top 3 skills that you would bring to EJP?

I am a pop culture queen. So I believe I bring my love and passion for all things pop culture to help me keep brands relevant and on trend. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, so I am very analytical and researched based. And my other skill is that I have a go-getter attitude and am always willing to learn and pivot to new roles. I graduated from University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2015 and then decided to change my career and obtained my Masters in Public Relations at the University of Westminster in the fall of 2016. 

Serena, you’re from Rockwall, but moved to London a few years ago. That sounds so awesome! How was your experience?

It was an absolutely incredible experience, I learned so much about myself through the highs and lows of being away from my family and my comfort zone. It pushed me to become the woman I am today and helped me become more resourceful and resilient in my career.

You’ve joined us at Common Desk and are officially part of both the EJP and Common Desk family! What do you enjoy most about being at Common Desk?

I love the sense of community at Common Desk. I joined the Netflix Club and that has been really fun! I also made new friends with the interns from our partners at Connective Agency. We love bouncing ideas off each other when we need to get our creative juices flowing for different projects!

What’s your favorite food and/or restaurant?

I love Mexican and Italian food! My favorite restaurants are Gloria’s and Guste Remo’s (in London).

Do you have a favorite celebrity?

Beyonce because she’s the epitome of a working woman who never lets anyone put limitations on what she can do.

Is your ideal vacation spot in the U.S. or international?

Definitely international, I want to go to Italy and just explore all of the hot spots and then get lost on the Amalfi Coast!

If you could only choose one social media channel, what would it be?

Instagram! You can make it your business, a mood board, collaborate with different people from all over the world and keep up with trends and the news!

I am most looking forward to learning new skills within PR and digital media. It is a new challenge for me and I believe I am in the right place to learn as much as possible from Ayona who has an incredible amount of knowledge of the industry. 

What pearls of wisdom can you share about the value of digital media to you, as well as to your generation?

To me the value of digital media hasn’t even reached its peak. We are in a new era of technology and data mining that has never existed quite like this before now. I would say be a sponge, soak up everything you can and find a way to utilize the skills you develop in way that pushes the envelope on the norms.

You’re a #NetflixandChill fan! What are your top #NetflixandChill recommendations?

I would work at Netflix if it meant I could watch different movies and tv shows all day for a living! I love Lost In SpaceQueer EyeThe Get DownStranger ThingsLuke Cage and Dark Tourist!


Serena Jenkins

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