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EJP is excited to spotlight our amazing intern Tiffany Thai! A current Texas State University student who moved from Texas to Hawaii. Tiffany is enthusiastic, intelligent, driven, and a true peanut butter lover! She delivers innovative ideas, excels at social media engagement and thrives at critical thinking on challenges big and small. Welcome to the real world, Tiffany. You are on it!

Tiffany Thai, EJP Intern

What is it like to move from Texas to Hawaii?

Moving from Texas to Hawaii was a big culture shock for me. I remember thinking about how new and different almost everything was – from the people, food, and also the everyday lifestyle and personal values. In Hawaii, I noticed there was a large Asian population and everyone cared so about family or “Ohana.” The word is not just a term, but it reminds me of Hawaii because people faithfully live by their connection to their “ohana.” It didn’t matter if you were a blood relative or neighbor, there is an everlasting bond and relationship people create and always remember. In Hawaii, I met some people that are such positive influences on my life and even from afar, they continue to motivate me.

If you could spend five minutes of each day doing one thing, what would it be?

I would spend five minutes clearing my mind and thinking of absolutely nothing. No school, work, or stress. Just five minutes to relax and clear my mind. This is one of the benefits of yoga, which I really hope to spend more time doing in the near future! The practice of simply clearing my mind is essential after a long day.

Do you feel like you can relate more to the iGen/Gen Z or Millennial generations?

I feel like I am a bit of both! I was born at the end of the Millennial generation and at the start of iGen/Gen Z. The Millennial generation has multiple characteristics that I believe I carry, such as being family-oriented and achievement-focused (they forgot to include these on the graphic). As for Gen Z characteristics; I am a multitasker, self-starter and tend to always be a step ahead for my future career. (I thought the below YourStory graphic was informative, although obviously not entirely accurate.)

What pearls of wisdom can you share about the value of digital media to you as well as to your generation?

Digital media has become one of the biggest innovative additions to my life, as well as to my generation. Today, you are able to share stories, ideas, build a business and chronicle your life –  all through the digital world. Technology and digital media have shaped my generation and even modeled how our brain’s operate. We now even have driverless cars! I’m excited to see what technological advancements we’ll see in the next decade – many of which will be created by iGens. And with this, it’s has become essential for young adults and students to start contemplating how important technology has become and identify strategies to leverage these advancements for their own professional benefit.

What’s your favorite food and/or restaurant?

I can’t decide! I love, love, love sweets… Anything that has peanut butter (my absolute favorite) or chocolate. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, which I could (probably) eat for every meal.

Do you have a favorite celebrity?

Chrissy Teigen! She is a beautiful woman whose personality simply radiates. She seems to be passionate individual who aims to make the world a better place.

Is your ideal vacation spot in the U.S. or international?

International! My goal is to be able to travel the world and learn about the endless opportunities our beautiful world offers.

How do you explain to people an easy way to properly pronounce your last name?

Thai like Thailand.

If you could only choose one social media channel, what would it be?

Instagram with Twitter right behind. Instagram allows you to share with friends and family through pictures, videos and now with Instagram stories, it’s easier to share what and how you are doing. IG is fun and allows you to be more creative and artistic.

EJP is a brand built on a philosophy of inspiring those around you, as well as giving back through mentorship and donations, what do you do to help inspire others or mentor younger or older generations?

In appreciation of all the individuals who have played a huge role of my life as a mentor/role model, I aspire to do the same for those younger and older. I volunteer within my community, whether it is around my neighborhood, workplace or school, my biggest goal is to have an impact on those lives around me. I am also am a “peer mentor” to those around me whether it’s school, career-related or family-related. Sometimes simply listening to friends and family is helpful and inspiring, so I try to be a good listener when my loved ones need that.

As an EJP Marketing Co intern, what are you most enjoying about your internship so far?

I’m enjoying so much! I’ve had an opportunity to work on clients across many different sectors, therefore learning the various ways to market clients that have a number of different core goals and audiences. It’s been a great experience so far, and I look forward to learning even more and hope to be an asset to EJP team and clients! I do wish I could be at the office more, but my education calls! However, the real world experience I’m gaining at EJP will be invaluable to pursuing my degree, and beyond! I also appreciate that the internship is a “mentorship internship.” I appreciate that Shenikwa and Ayona take the time to help me learn about the PR and marketing world and offer constructive criticism to help me grow and learn.

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