Political Social Ads & Leads Generation

Our Client
BWPAC logo on EJP website. Work included Political Digital Ad Campaign.

Created and implemented two online campaigns for the Black Women's Political Action Committee's (PAC) to drive leads and public awareness.

Black Lives Matter Ads Example

Leads & Social Ads


Created and managed the #15in15 Census Project to empower the 15% of Blacks in Tarrant County to complete the census, which takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Partnered with OCG+ and 1820 Productions (creative).

Analytics & Reporting

Developed reports to showcase post engagement, reach, impressions, audience demographics, conversion metrics, sentiment, influencer impact, competitor analysis, content performance, A/B tests, trends, volume and ROI.

political ads & creative

EJP is a Meta-Approved Social, Issues & Political Ads vendor approved to manage political ads for clients. The Black Women's PAC drove traffic to the U.S. Census Bureau page urging people to complete the census.


Increase in Conversion Rate
1 %
Increase Over Lead Goal
1 %
Click Through Rate (CTR)
1 %
Power In Your Vote Ads Cover

Social Ads & Public Awareness


The #PowerInYourVote Movement successfully boosted Black voter turnout in Tarrant County during the 2020 Election through targeted messaging, digital graphics, and social media ads. The campaign was innovative and impactful, helping Black voters in Tarrant County make a meaningful difference in their community.


We launched a new landing page to increase voter education and to secure support for the #PowerinYourVote movement. Our team ensured the page used relevant messaging to make the CTA engaging and informative.


Creation of campaign messaging started with local multicultural community demographics and online behavior data. We analyzed voter trends, issues, community influencers and location data to tailor messaging. Prioritizing diversity was key to the overall success of the campaign and voter engagement.