Political Social Ads & Lead Generation

Our Client
Rideshare2Vote logo on EJP Marketing Co portfolio page. Work included Political Ad Campaign.

Created and implemented the RideShare2Vote paid political advertising social strategy to increase voter sign-ups and app downloads.

Ride Share Ad Example

Political Ads


Managed the 10-state political ads campaign for the 2022 Election targeting new application downloads and new driver volunteers. EJP organized the state and county-specific strategy, target profiles, landing page, local messaging, and real-time ads management and optimization.

landing page

Launched a new landing page to increase app downloads across 10 states (Arizona; Colorado; Florida; Georgia; Nevada; North Carolina; Ohio; Texas; Virginia; Tennessee). Our team ensured the page used relevant messaging to make the page engaging and conversion-focused.

political ads & creative

EJP is a Meta-Approved Social, Issues & Political Ads vendor approved to manage client political ads. The primary metric was to drive traffic to the landing page for voters to download the app.


Lead-to-Conversion Rate
1 %
Decrease in Cost-Per-Result Over Prior Campaign
1 %
Click Through Rate (CTR)
1 %