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‘Integrated marketing’ creates unified and seamless brand experiences for stakeholders and consumers across a myriad of platforms and channels (source: DMA). A brand experience may include social media engagement, website interaction, public relations partnerships, email communications, earned media impressions and effective brand storytelling, tailored to the specific needs of each brand. 

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EJP Marketing Co. believes brands can realize the success of results-driven integrated marketing when they welcome innovation, dream BIG and leverage the right tools, analysis and expertise. 

Our premium integrated marketing packages, individual packages and consulting services leverage the most strategic and results-driven approaches, spurring successful outcomes for our clients.

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Fortune 500 Marketing & Public Relations Experience 

Ayona Anderson, a millennial with a wealth of corporate experience, founded EJP Marketing Co. to realize her passion of leveraging integrated marketing to benefit small to Fortune 500 companies. She has nearly 10 years of hands-on experience helping global, national and local clients achieve strategic partnerships, build impactful social media strategies, secure earned media coverage and more. During her time with some of the best global PR and marketing agencies and teams, Ayona worked with Fortune 500 companies, government entities, nonprofits and educational institutions like ExxonMobil, U.S. Army, CVS Pharmacy, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, U.S. Department of Treasury, Verizon Wireless, and Paul Quinn College – just to name a few. 

Ayona also brings a network of talented professionals and partners to meet client needs and ensure success. 

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Highlighting Integrated Marketing Brand Success

Under Ayona’s tenure as the first-ever ExxonMobil social media advisor, ExxonMobil launched its award-winning ‘Be An Engineer’ campaign to inspire the next generation of engineers. Recognized with the 2015 Digital PR Awards: Cause Marketing/CSR Award, along with many other awards, the campaign launched in the fall of 2014 to help youth better understand the engineering field and opportunities it offers. It included a range of original and shared content that highlighted meaningful contributions engineers make in the world, engaged engineering influencers and provided resources to encourage students. In the first six weeks, the program reached nearly 20 million people across Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, BuzzFeed, YouTube, TV, educational partnerships and beyond.

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