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Summer Memories

Sep 22 2016

Summer Memories

Do you have a favorite summer vacation spot? Usually, a place becomes your favorite for many reasons. Those reasons can be because you experienced something you’ve never experienced, or maybe you have an amazing memory there, or perhaps you feel something new and exhilarating when you set foot in the place. Well Orange County, California is this place for me. I arrive there and immediately melt into the sunshine, ocean views, and breathtaking mountains and hills.

This summer, I went to the OC for my best friend’s birthday celebration and had the most amazing time! Yachting = check! Napa Valley = check! Hours of laughing with my best friend since 4th grade = check! Walking a trial with the ocean at my side = check! Feeling the sand between my toes = check!

Stomping Grapes at Local Vineyard

While my son explored Chicago and Indianapolis for the first time, and our new addition, Keiko, enjoyed his first slumber party at a local kennel, I enjoyed a first time trip to Napa Valley. We had a chance to all experience a first this summer, and that made our adventures all the more exciting! These are a few of our 2016 summer first memories, but we also had many fun summer memories together like stomping grapes at a vineyard (yes, I channeled my inner Lucy), evenings at the park with Keiko, Top Golf and more. As my son says, this summer was the best summer yet!

We channeled our inner Lucy and eventually got past the weird feeling of grapes between my toes, and then stomped away!

What are vacations ideal for?

Life requires perspective, adventure and letting go. My summer vacation was gifted with all of those things…perspective, adventure, and letting go. Gaining perspective about business, making amazing adventures so that I never lose sight of the wonders that life can create, and also letting go in order to ease into the next phase of life’s blessings.

Yes, being in Cali was food for my soul, and the ocean is the lens in which I see all that is true, yet wonderous. Where is your favorite vacation spot? What feelings does this destination spark for you? Tell us in the comments!



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