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Oct 31 2017

Get to Know EJP’s VP of Public Relations & Media

We are proud, and excited, to announce a new addition to the EJP Marketing Co. team! Shenikwa (Stratford) Carr is our new vice president of public relations & media. With nearly 20-years of news/media, public relations and influencer relations experience, Shenikwa brings a new level of PR and media relations expertise to EJP's clients and business partnerships.     10 Things to Know About Mrs. "Media" Houston Texans vs. Dallas Cowboys, which team are you rooting for?  I was born and raised in Dallas, so I always have to root for the 'boys! But,...

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Aug 29 2017

EJP Marketing Co. Founder & CEO Talks Diverse Partnerships in Southern Dallas Business & Living Magazine

Meet two award-winning, Dallas-based marketing and communications agencies that embody a diverse and mutually beneficial power partnership, EJP Marketing Co. LLC and CONNECTIVE Agency. Together, they have diversity in expertise and professional skills, as well as racial, geographical, language, and cultural diversity. How do they do it? We asked them for tips on creating business partnerships that drive success, and also mutual enjoyment.   6 Tips to Creating Power Business Partnerships   Have clear expectations - “As professionals with collectively more than 40 years of experience, we’ve seen what happens when teams don’t clearly...

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Aug 17 2017

EJP Marketing Co. Named a Best PR firm in Dallas

EJP Marketing Co. LLC is proud to announce that we have been named a “Best PR Firm in Dallas” by Expertise!   What we do? One year ago Ayona Anderson launched EJP Marketing Co. LLC, a Millennial, woman, and minority-owned marketing and public relations consulting firm in Dallas. We have worked with amazing clients and agency partners such as, Purpose Tea, GLAMCON, Selfless Love Foundation, Brand Agent, Connective Partners, and more. We're also proud of our 5-star rating based on their Google Reviews!    Some of our integrated marketing packages and consulting services include social and digital media...

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game_of_thrones ejp marketing co
Jul 31 2017

Winter Is Coming…Is Your Business Ready?

Marketing Lessons from the Games Of Thrones   Are you a Game of Thrones fan? We are! Our millennial team of marketers jumped on the “winter is coming” bandwagon seasons ago! While Dallas endures the 100+ degree heat, our favorite fabled characters are conquering the winter, and we are feeling the chill!  Our team has ventured into countless Game of Thrones discussions over coffee or before meetings: who are Jon Snow’s real parents? Will Khaleesi and the dragons be the last ones standing? What happens after winter finally comes - what do we...

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Jun 21 2017

How Millennials Use Social Media Today 

Millennials are changing the tone of how we use social media today. The internet is evolving right before our eyes, and the social media patterns of Millennials are changing simultaneously. The majority of Millennials receive their news from Facebook and Twitter. I even have applications on my phone that show me the top news stories every hour of the day. It is crazy to think that if I decide to take a hiatus from social media, that I will miss out on what is going on in the world. These days, it...

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Nov 23 2016

A Thanksgiving Moment to Last a Lifetime

Yesterday, my son and I walked around Downtown Dallas enjoying the cloudy, yet pleasant, weather. We (or rather, I) decided to visit Dealey Plaza and the site of the John F. Kennedy assassination. As we joined the crowds and dozens of people focused on the podium and speakers, we were all asked to take part in a moment of silence to mark the exact day and time that Kennedy was assassinated. It was a powerful moment to stand there alongside my son to mark such a turning point in our nation's...

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Nov 11 2016

TEDxSMUWomen ~ An Empowering Message Comes at the Ideal Time

This Election Day was difficult for some and exciting for others.  No matter your political affiliation, it's important that we stand by one another and move forward together. Together, we CAN EMPOWER one another. Below is a snippet of my article in this month's issue of Southern Dallas Business & Living Magazine. On stands now! Get your copy at the Barnes & Nobles in Cedar Hill.  The Southern Methodist University “Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference,” more commonly known as TED (or TEDTalks), brought together Dallas-Fort Worth women of all ages, professions, and...

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Sep 22 2016

Summer Memories

Do you have a favorite summer vacation spot? Usually, a place becomes your favorite for many reasons. Those reasons can be because you experienced something you’ve never experienced, or maybe you have an amazing memory there, or perhaps you feel something new and exhilarating when you set foot in the place. Well Orange County, California is this place for me. I arrive there and immediately melt into the sunshine, ocean views, and breathtaking mountains and hills. ...

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Dallas Marketing Firm EJP Marketing Co.
Aug 17 2016

Welcome to EJP Marketing Co.

EJP Marketing Co. is a leading integrated marketing firm specializing in digital media marketing, social media marketing and public relations campaigns and tailored consulting services in these areas. As a millennial-led marketing firm – Wait! Don’t let the ‘millennial’ word scare you off...

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Social media digital media marketing public relations EJP Marketing Co.
Aug 17 2016

What is Integrated Marketing? 

‘Integrated marketing’ creates unified and seamless brand experiences for stakeholders and consumers across a myriad of platforms and channels (source: DMA). A brand experience may include social media engagement, website interaction, public relations partnerships, email communications, earned media impressions and effective brand storytelling, tailored to the specific needs of each brand. ...

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