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Get to Know Monica! EJP’s Marketing Operations Coordinator

We are proud and excited to announce a new addition to the EJP Marketing Co. team!

Meet Marketing Operations Coordinator Monica Anderson.


Monica Anderson Headshot 4 2021_EJP Marketing Operations Coordinator EJP Marketing Co.


7 Things to Know About Monica Anderson


As our first EJP Marketing Co. Marketing Operations Coordinator, what are you looking forward to most about this role??

I am looking forward to working on new projects and applying the skills and knowledge I have obtained from my studies, entrepreneurship experience, as well as the perseverance and work ethic gained during my time in the National Guard. Joining a group of “Millennials who are Visionaries, Strategists…Oh, And There’s Some Grit Mixed In There As Well” is exactly the home for me as I check each of these boxes, with some additional complementary skills mixed in as well. The opportunity to contribute new and innovative techniques that will  further the success of EJP will continue to be a key driver for me.

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Mom and Pop Know Best: 3 Small Businesses That Found Success

March 29th is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, which celebrates the hard-working innovators of small business. The best way to celebrate this illustrious, offbeat holiday is to explore Mom and Pop Businesses that have hit it big. #1 Hatco In 1927, E.R. Byer and Harry Rolnick of Dallas started a small outfit manufacturing Resistol hats, so aptly named because of the all-weather resistance properties of the headgear. They moved their facilities to Garland, Texas in 1934 but since they started in Dallas, we absolutely claim them! With over 1 million orders...

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Marketing Rehab: 4 Industries Failing to Court Millennials and How These Businesses Can Bounce Back

Millennials are starting to grow up, move out, and have children, which has spelled disaster for certain industries vying for their business. As the largest and most lucrative market, millennials can make or break an industry’s ability to succeed. Here’s a look at some of the industries most affected by the disinterest/disdain of the millennial generation and a look at how these industries can recover. “Casual Dining” Chain Restaurants Many of this generation feel that sitting down at a “casual dining” restaurant like Applebee’s or TGI Friday’s is a waste of time and...

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How to Master Social Media Marketing

Marketing is a tough game, but it can get much easier with the application and use of social media. Social media is in the world full-force today in a variety of ways to engage potential clients simply by posting something fun, inspirational, or thought-provoking. But how do you turn those social media engagements into web page hits and conversions? Here are three tips to get you started in the business of social media. Facebook Advertisements Put You Front and Center Facebook has a user base from very young teenagers to the young-at-heart...

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PR firms in Dallas
Jan 29 2019

Expertise Names EJP Marketing Co. LLC One of the Best PR Firms in Dallas for Third Year Running

At EJP Marketing Co. LLC, we deliver PR and digital marketing services that help propel our clients forward and expand their reach. We bring our extraordinary vision, evidence-based strategy, and own personal brand of grit. When you work with our team, our goal is to make your business shine. With a sound strategy and a dash of personality, we make a difference to companies of all sizes, types, and industries. We can make a difference for you, too.   Don’t just take our word for it.   Expertise, a directory dedicated to...

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halloween marketing campaign
Oct 23 2018

Halloween Marketing Campaigns Deliver Spooky Results

Halloween marketing campaigns are back in full force for the 2018 “trick-OR-treat” season! It may be cooling down outside, but this scare-fest season is heating up as some brands look to entice (and comically frighten) consumers with Halloween ads and messages that leave you wanting more. 


Here we’re spotlighting three Halloween marketing campaigns that stand out, reach consumers in innovative ways, and of course, succeed in their goal to “trick-OR-treat” consumers! 


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Aug 21 2018

From London to EJP, Meet Serena Jenkins!

Serena Jenkins grew up in Rockwall before moving across the pond to the home of the world’s favorite royal family, London. She traveled to London less so for the fish and chips, and more for the fashion and education. She brings a wealth of knowledge, the latest PR and online marketing trends, digital savvy-ness, research greatness, a positive attitude, and more to our EJP team. We are proud to introduce our first-ever Assistant Account Executive Serena Jenkins.


Welcome to the real world, Serena. You’re the bees knees!


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Apr 17 2018

Get to Know EJP’s Awesome Intern Extraordinaire

EJP is excited to spotlight our amazing intern Tiffany Thai! A current Texas State University student who moved from Texas to Hawaii.  Tiffany is enthusiastic, intelligent, driven, and a true peanut butter lover! She delivers innovative ideas, excels at social media engagement and thrives at critical thinking on challenges big and small.

Welcome to the real world, Tiffany. You are on it!

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EJP Marketing Co. ~ Inspired by a Grandmother’s Love


Erma Joe Poole Sweet, was the sweetest, strongest woman I know — she is also my beloved grandmother. And on Friday, December 8, 2017, she passed away at the age of 82.

She is the namesake of EJP Marketing Co., and she is a woman who inspired multiple generations solely with her presence, kindness and love. She is and will always be my inspiration.

And in her honor, I’d like to share her story and the many ways she will always motivate me.


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