Marketing is a tough game, but it can get much easier with the application and use of social media. Social media is in the world full-force today in a variety of ways to engage potential clients simply by posting something fun, inspirational, or thought-provoking. But how do you turn those social media engagements into web page hits and conversions? Here are three tips to get you started in the business of social media.

Facebook Advertisements Put You Front and Center

Facebook has a user base from very young teenagers to the young-at-heart elderly. What was once a nightmare for most children – their parents finding and joining Facebook – is now a commonplace activity which does not cause anyone to so much as bat an eye. With that rich medium at your fingertips, how do you tap into it most effectively? The answer is ads – specifically paid advertisements. As any business owner well knows, to make money one has to sometimes spend money and advertisements are the cornerstone expense for any good marketing strategy.

Searches on Twitter and Instagram to Find Leads

Did you know you can do location and keyword searches on Instagram and Twitter to find new customers? You can! It’s a handy tool for finding potential leads for your business. You can save these searches in your history to keep up-to-date on potential postings with your saved keywords/locations in the future.

“Liking” or engaging with leads’ posts every so often in a genuine way helps tremendously; they become aware of you through the connection as soon as they get the notification their post has been noticed.

Private Groups on Facebook Maximize the Personal Touch

Most people are on Facebook to engage with family and friends, browse through news, or kill time in between obligations during the day. Unless someone has a specific job which requires them to be on Facebook throughout the day, it’s rare to find leads and conversions there. However, there’s a way to satisfy the basic psychological need for community and social activity and advertise at the same time through Facebook groups.

Reserved for your most passionate supporters, Facebook groups continues to dialogue with existing customers and makes them feel as if they are in your company’s “inner circle” – because they are! This isn’t a gimmick or disingenuous sales pitch. Having a Facebook group will get your “fans” in one place to discuss your brands and product(s). As an added bonus, you might pick up some much-needed consumer research straight from the source.

While these tips are helpful for those businesses wanting to tap the rich vein of social media marketing, it still requires a lot of effort. To save you from having to sit on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn all day (or hire extra staff to maintain a presence), the experts at EJP Marketing are experts in the art and science of augmenting your social media with little effort on your part.

Contact us today to start a dialogue about our Social Media Marketing Package and how it can fundamentally change the way you do business in this new world of social media marketing.