Political Advertising -
Facebook & Instagram

Our Client
Rideshare2Vote logo on EJP Marketing Co portfolio page. Work included Political Ad Campaign.


  • Managed all Facebook and Instagram ads for the 2022 Election in November as the digital marketing agency for RideShare2Vote.
  • EJP is one of the few North Texas agencies with the Meta/Facebook authorization to run ads about social issues, elections, or politics.
  • We developed the social ad strategy around seven (7) ads asking voters to sign up for free rides to the polls. EJP developed the ad strategy, messaging, audience profiles, graphics, landing page recommendations, and all reporting.


Their top-performing digital campaign ever!

  • Total Ads On All Channels: 7

  • Total landing page clicks: 44,196

  • Total Impressions: 1,350,884

  • Total People Reached/Impressions: 418,112

  • Average Cost-Per-Click: $.24

  • Total Spend: $10,622.01