Political Advertising -
Facebook & Instagram

Our Client
Rideshare2Vote logo on EJP Marketing Co portfolio page. Work included Political Ad Campaign.


  • As the digital marketing agency for RideShare2Vote, EJP managed all Facebook and Instagram ads for the 2022 Election on November. 

  • EJP is one of the few North Texas agencies that has the Meta/Facebook authorization to run ads about social issues, elections, or politics

  • We developed the social ad strategy around seven (7) ads asking voters to sign-up for free rides to the polls. EJP developed the ad strategy, messaging, audience profiles, graphics and landing page recommendations, and all reporting.  


Their top-performing digital campaign ever!

  • Total Ads On All Channels: 7

  • Total landing page clicks: 44,196

  • Total Impressions: 1,350,884

  • Total People Reached/Impressions: 418,112

  • Average Cost-Per-Click: $.24

  • Total Spend: $10,622.01