Brand Messaging & Website

Our Client
Bastcore logo for case study on EJP website




  • EJP was the sub-contractor under SERVRON to redesign the Bastcore website and curate new brand messaging. The objective was to redesign the website and curate new strategic brand messaging to ensure the new hemp company could break into a competitive industry, gain funders, and become a thought leader in the hemp textile industry. 

Strategies Implemented

  • Branding & Strategy: Messaging, industry and competitive analysis, identified digital strategy best practices and gaps from similar hemp companies, hemp textile resources to close the education gaps, and a new website sitemap.    
  • Website redesign: Curated website content organizational flow to ensure a smooth user experience, sales funnels, CSR program direction and messaging, SEO keyword strategy, and call-to-actions.  


  • New website with targeted sales funnels and thought leadership resources.  
  • EJP successfully met the client’s demands, and they were confidently prepared to unveil their new website, branding, and product line to the public, media and investor targets amid the national and state-level hemp and CBD renaissance.  
  • The new brand messaging captured their transformative products and processing technology and showcased why BastCore is an intelligent investment for potential investors.